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The « FCP BH CEA » is a mutual fund investment type belonging to the category ofmixed funds, dedicated exclusively to individuals holding savings accounts in shares "CEA" and who opt for management under mandate entrusted to BH INVEST

It is an investment vehicle that allows subscribers to benefit from cost savings and the benefits of collective management (moderate risk and weighted return).

The asset allocation of this fund is made according to the allocation conditionsprovided for by the ECA regulations:

80% or more of the assets in equity securities of companies listed on the stockexchange .

The remainder of assets in BTA Assimilable Bonds.

The amounts invested must be frozen for 5 years from the year following thesubscription year, except for the capital gains and the fruits distributed.

Funding ?

To finance its acquisition of CEA FCP shares, the subscriber could obtain a loan from BH BANK, and this, by having a minimum amount of cash flow.


« The FCP BH CEA guarantees you security, liquidity, flexibility and profitability. »

The advantages of the FCP BH CEA

  • Pay less tax.
  • Value capital.
  • Have the income generated at any time and in complete freedom.


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