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Share savings plan

This share savings plan (CEA) provides clients with an advantageousinvestment by allocating the funds they pay to build a portfolio of publicly tradedshares and Assimilable Treasury Bonds (BTAs).

Ce compte permet aux investisseurs de profiter des opportunités de la Bourse et d'un dégrèvement fiscal.

The amount invested in CEA is deductible from annual taxable income to recoverbetween 15% and 35% of the amounts placed within the limit of 55% of the taxdue for the 1st year of investment.

BH INVEST offers two management modes :

  • Free
  • Under mandate in the form of an investment in the FCP BH CEA fund

For Whom ?

Any natural person employed or pensioned or exercising a liberal profession.

How ?

Simply contact your BH agency or your broker BH INVEST.

For how long ?

Your account is open for a period of 5 years.

What are the advantages of CEA?

Pay less taxes, value your capital, dispose at any time and freely of the income generated.

What are the conditions to benefit from the tax advantages ?

  • Presentation of a certificate of deposit issued by BH INVEST (at the annual declaration)
  • Blocking of sums deposited in the CEA for a period of 5 years as of January1st of the year following that of the deposit. These sums must be intendedexclusively for the acquisition of shares (at least 80%) and the remainderfor the acquisition of BTA.

Simulation CEA

Simulation results

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