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The SICAV BH OBLIGATAIRE is a bond-type collective investment schemespecializing in the management of a portfolio of debt securities composed mainlyof bonds (government bonds and corporate bonds) selected by the Board ofDirectors. which decides on the main lines of investment, taking into account theinvestment opportunity proposals formulated by the BH INVEST manager..

Its primary purpose is to provide shareholders with a collective investment product that ensures, as much as possible, security, liquidity and performance. The BH Invest manager constantly tries to optimize the choice of the portfolio in strict compliance with the regulations in order to offer maximum security to subscribers.


« The BH OBLIGATAIRE SICAV guarantees you security, liquidity, flexibility and profitability. »

Dividend distribution

SICAV BH Obligataire is a distribution-type SICAV. Income generated by the UCITS portfolio is distributed to shareholders and unitholders periodically in the form of a coupon.



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